mercredi 17 novembre 2010

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Alicante Chassagne

Article paru dans Make Jewellery de décembre

Competition theme – Boudoir Beautiful ...

...Alicante Chassagne Beautiful Boudoir 1st place "I like the luxurious vision of mixed jewels in a jewel box and this is often the impression I try to recreate" "The variation of technique, texture and balance of colour made for an extremely aesthetically pleasing piece, showing a lot of imagination, playfuness and sophistication with a sens of moderniy-this one really nailed the competition theme!" says designer Andy Farrow. Annabel Sykes, MD for E-Beads, agrees adding, "I felt the originality of Alicante's necklace with its asymmetric look, soft tones, use of different textures and variety of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS made it worthy of the first prize. Although seeped in baroque and renaissance influences, Alicante's necklace would not be out of place on todays catwalks!" " I'd just finished a commission to design and create jewels for French haute couture collection, and was searching the web for new challenges when I heard about this competition," ALicante explains. "I've no formal training but many of my relatives were painters, and both my mother and my grandmother taught me about embroidery and sewing. Beads came later and it was only three years ago that I began experimenting with combining these techniques." "I like the luxurious vision of mixed jewels in a jewel box and this is often the impression I try to recreate. I begin each necklace with a main focal wich provides a theme and often a mix of colors, so it gives a particular and unique style to each piece. For my competition entry I took inspiration from the French style of furniture and interiors called 'Pompadour'and tried to evoque a feeling of mystery, comfort, feminity and opulence. It took nearly three weeks to design and complete the necklace, but I was so inspired by the subject that the most difficult part was to choose between several ideas!"....

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