mardi 6 juillet 2010

Fashion show "ethnic dressing" paris

For his new collection, Oliver Swan draws his inspiration from the awe and emotion aroused by the bewildering dance of eternal Nature.

A vital source, a magical fount of colour, shape and movement, light is the key muse in Oliver Swan's quest for perfection. A sculptor of silken fabric, Swan conducts an exploration of volume, drapery, voile and transparency. He issues an invitation to light, for a single precious moment, just the time it takes to encounter, embrace, linger, indulge, languish and finally erupt in an explosion of myriad highlights, to reveal the metallic accents of gold and silver.

Dedicated to autumn and winter, the 'Lumières' collection is a chromatic celebration of the unchanging symbolism of the four elements essential to life: the brown of the earth, the Cerulean blue of a cloudless sky, as well as the vivid pinks or turquoise translucency of winter skies, whose diaphanous beauty is mirrored in the water's surface, or sent dizzyingly out of control in the shimmering coppers and lustrous golds of a cathartic flame.

The four basic elements beat to the rhythm of time and its ever-changing moods in an interplay of various fabrics, matt and shiny, supple and rigid, transparent and opaque, on the theme of chiaroscuro energies, whimsical daytime colours and the dark phantasmagorical shadows of the night. Revelatory black creates at once an imposing showcase and backdrop for the designer to unleash his palette of light in a shimmering tribute to life, with its varying hues, shades, tones and sparkle.

Cuts are austere, sober and figure-hugging, fabrics chosen for their supreme seductive resonance. Light sheds its rays across leather, openwork lace or embroidered tulle, fur and feathers.

Each model in the Oliver Swan Autumn-Winter Collection 2010/2011 displays, amid passion and tenderness, a timeless elegance embracing a new-found sensuality.

His latest daytime and evening outfits follow every intimate, voluptuous curve of a Woman's body, conspiring to unveil the alchemical secrets of that irresistible power of attraction that can only belong to the singular feminine form.

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